Release Notes 12-09-2017

12th of September, 2017

This month’s release notes include the following:


  • New API Updates for batch processing (attached updated documentation)

  •  Upgraded Wiris to latest – support for base64/svg-xml output which is image independent and works across the board

  • Enhancements for generation of LOFT-based reports, by pre-caching result dimensions

  • New access control rules for Question bank to include granular privileges for Reuse, Retire, read full, and Rekey


You will get the privileges abbreviated by the letter. F for Read Full, AE for Add and Edit, P for Publish, R for Review, T for Retire, K for Rekey in the Privileges column.


  • Question bank related updates to reflect access control rules


  • Assessment preview tip for quickly jumping to the question to edit/preview


The author can click this info button to view or edit the original question. Once you click it you will get a pop-up window which redirects you the question editor.


  • Question bank enhancement for showing ID in editor view, preview page meta data, and maintaining General Data of the question when 'Save and Add' feature is used. History & stats Tab became a popup.


Question ID in the question editor



Click on Choose Action in questions bank and choose “View Stats/History


A pop-up window will appear which shows you the history and statistics for this question.


  • Question bank enhanced re-use feature to support Multiple re-use with controlled mapping (between programs, etc..). Question banks also added support for preview updates, history and logs view, bloom taxonomy filters


When you select multiple questions, you will notice 66.png button, when you click it. A pop-up window will appear, which asks you where do you want to Reuse this questions.


You can also re-use a scenario question with all the questions under it and choose Program and course of the copied question.


Filter questions by Bloom Taxonomy


  •  Released 3 mobile apps to the Windows, Android and iOS stores. For iOS, we now fully support secure lock for the exam without the MDM-mode to launch.
  • Supporting Open ID Connect Authentication for Web – only on staging until mapping and licensing is completed then switch can be done.

  • Question Preview enhancement for showing Question ID, Version, & Bloom Related levels


In question preview, click the 10.jpg button to get the metadata & mapping of the question



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