Release notes 31-10-2017

31st of October, 2017

This month’s release notes include the following:

  • Access control now available for Limited Administrators on specific Areas.

Limited Administrator can now find "Manage Admins and access" Page where he/she can manage the permissions and access rules of the limited administrators who are located in the same area level of his account.


  • Optimizations for "Save & Add New" in the question bank




When you click "Save & Add new" button, all the options you chose in "General Information" section will remain such as the mapping for the question and the activity type. 


  • View stats for the question has been updated to include more details and coverage including assessments mapped to specific questions (exams only).

Exams Related and Question Changes Log will appear when you click "View Stats/History" on any question.


  • Added support for code block formatting in rich text editors in question banks.

This window appears when you click on "Format Code Block" where you can paste your code and choose the language of the source you entered. Then click "Preview" to get it. A good example of using the code bock is while creating questions for "Computer science" course where you have to paste codes then choose what's the format of language you need it to be. After that, you can use the results of this tool as part of the question.

Format Code Block can be used to insert a code in the Rich text field. 

  • Overall enhancements and performance boost to the platform.

  • Fixes and patches random, fixed (hierarchy and lessons) coding and filtering. 

  • ACU updates for extended pinning, shuffling, styling and resume settings.

  • Printing new feature: question and answer sheet configuration 

Now you can customize the question and answer sheets of the printed version. You can manage the question details, the order of what will be displayed first and much more. There will be a complete help topic to explain this new section of configuring the exam question & answer sheet. 

  • QTI enhancement for supporting extended "InlineChoiceInteractions" elements and attributes such as "responseProcessing" section and "modelFeedback" for the following interactions "choice, extendedText".

  • WIRIS tool now supports "base64" images by default. 

  • Enhancements in the HTML type in the question editor. 

We enhanced the HTML type in the question editor (line height, font family, and size).


 New Access Control Rules:

  • Now you can edit published questions without the need of unpublishing it first. This will save a lot of time and effort but it's only allowed for limited administrators who have the Edit, Read Full and Publish rules. 

Example: If you have an assessment which includes 15 questions and you need to update the details of 2 questions. If the assessment was published and has assigned users on it, you need to: 1) Unassign all examinees from this assessment. 2) Unpublish the assessment. 3) Unpublish the questions that need to be updated. 4) Edit the questions. After that, you need to publish them again and assign examinees again, These steps might take up to hours in order to complete it which wastes a huge amount of time and effort. The update we did solves this case completely. 

  • If the question is used in a published assessment and has examinees assigned to it. You must be the owner of the question and have "Edit" and "Publish" rules to unpublish the assessment and then edit the question. 
  • If the question is used in an exam and it has been taken by examinees, you CAN'T change it no matter what access rule you have.
  • If the question is submitted for review, and you have "Review" access only, you will be able to review it and write your comments only. But if you have "Review", "Edit" and "Publish" rules, You can review the question then edit, you can also publish the question. 
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