Release Notes 31-05-2017

This month’s release notes include the following (31st of May 2017)


-          Major Changes:

o   Random Assessments are now available on ACU. You can create a full random assessment with the optimizations requested recently and deliver it with a unique version to each student and can be taken completely offline (supporting Resume and Retrieve responses as well).

o   Assessment Display direction now supports rendering the content either RTL or LTR depend on your configuration. This allows the delivery experience to be common and controlled across all students. Students will only have the option of changing the interface Language to be either Arabic or English but won’t change the direction of the displayed items/test.

o   Allow Previous Responses on Resume is now an option that you can enable and its fully supported only on ACU mode.

o   Access control report for all limited admins and permissions is now available.

o   Question Analysis report enhanced to support new filters and missing attributes, in addition to some optimization on the UI as mentioned in a previous ticket.

o   LOFT reports are now completed, with generating all 3 matrices (Time matrix, Data Analysis Matrix and Raw Response Matrix). There are scheduled updates and enhancements for these reports in the upcoming iterations. Sign off will be taken

-          Minor Changes:

o   Fixed/Added a lot of the Arabic translations and labels/inline text for different pages and reports. This is going to be a continuous task as we are enhancing the quality of the Arabic language used in our interface.

o   Fixed some minor issues in the exam settings page with the newly added “Resume and Retrieve Previous Responses” as well as other LOFT related conditions.

o   Fixed some minor issues in the LOFT management page for redirection, conditions for global and section levels, and criteria selection enhancements.

o   Updated some reports with enhanced access controls and event logging to support the newly introduced reports.

o   Updated Access control page to enable searching for any user at any level (for MoE Account Administrator, you can search for any user in any Area using the “Not-Specific” option). Also fixed a couple of issues in Program Level permissions for adding multiple courses.

o   APIs have been enhanced to reflect a new schema for calling our core APIs for integration purposes. This includes the new /API/v2.0/ channel which invokes different API families such as Assessments, Administration, etc…

-          What’s next: (Saturday 3rd of June)

o   ACU changes:

  • ACU dashboard enhancements to include timestamps for logs that are localized to Timezone of the machine, as well as surfacing some details to the Grids such as End Date and enabling the Link for viewing the examinees status even after the exam has been closed.
  • ACU now supports Random Assessments as well as LOFT Assessments.
  • ACU automation was enhanced to include updating exams and examinees during the exam interval to accommodate changes without having manually do them.
  • Some optimized logging events to have clearer visibility of ACU Activities as well as ACU Updater & Automation activities.
  • Updated the core viewer to support the new RTL/LTR display direction change, as well as other related Random assessment enhancements and other optimizations.

o   ACU Windows Service:

  • The running interval has been changed to run every 60 minutes instead of 30 minutes. This is better to have less traffic on the network especially while exams are taking place.
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