Release notes through 2015-05-07

1. New Import Question Format Updated

We have updated the excel format in importing questions and added the   following:

    • Third Column (Keywords): Used to concatenate different keywords for that question, separated by commas.
    • Fourth Column (InScenario): Used to indicate whether this question is going to be part of a scenario or not. This is done by indicating 1 for InScenario and 0 of otherwise. Observe the example below.


2. Shuffle Option Updated in Import Question

We have updated the Shuffle option in importing the question.The user has now the option if the question/s are to be shuffled or not, just tick/untick the box right next to the question. Shuffle option is disable for true/false and essay questions.

Observe the example below.


3. Manage Groups and Categories Updated

We have added a couple of layers of filtering to help you populate your examinees faster:

    •  Filter by category > Groups
    •  Filter examinees under groups by using a text field that helps sort by username/full name
    •  Every examinee in the lists now show both (Username – Full name) to avoid the issue of identifying duplicates and validating which is which.


4. Scenario Question Error Message Fixed/Updated

The scenario error message has been fixed and updated in the system.


5. Mobile Preview (NEW FEATURE)

This feature has been added in SwiftAssess to preview the assessment  in tablet/iPad interface.



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