I don't have an excel to create my questions? Is there any possible way?

If you don't have an excel, there is a possible way to import questions. Below are the steps.

1. Go to

2. Click Sheets, spreadsheet will appear.

3. As per format, you can input all the questions you have

  • Each row will represent a question.
  • The first cell will contain the unique identifier for the question type, that includes  (MC = multiple choice, MS = multiple select, E = Essay, TF = True/False).
  • The second cell for all types will contain the ‘Question Title’ or ‘Stem’ for that question.
  • Third Column (Keywords): Used to concatenate different keywords for that question, separated by commas.
  • Fourth Column (InScenario): Used to indicate whether this question is going to be part of a scenario or not. This is done by indicating 1 for InScenario and 0 of otherwise.
  • Fifth cell is the settings determined by the type of the question. Observe the following example and the explanation below:

  • In case of MC, the every odd-numbered cell starting from the fifth cell, represents a certain choice. And following each choice, an indication whether this is the correct choice or not by using ‘1’ for correct or ‘0’ otherwise. As you can see above in row ‘1’
  • In case MS, same as above with the exception that  there could be more than one correct choices. As you can see above in row ‘4’.
  • In case of TF, the fifth cell illustrates whether the correct answer is true by setting it to ‘1’ or false by setting ‘0’.
  • In case of E, there is no need for anything other cells besides the first 2.

4. Once done. Save the file, go to File > Download as tsv.

5. Open the downloaded file, then choose notepad then save as txt.

6. After saving, you can then go to 'Import Questions' tab to import the questions.

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