I am receiving system messages (notifications,error...), can you please specify each messages.

In SwiftAssess, you will get a number of system messages for actions that you perform on the system. Some of these messages have a time-out and will be hidden after they appear for a few moments and some of them can be closed by clicking the close button on the right top corner of the message.

Below are some of the system messages that you might encounter: 

Success messages appear when an action has been completed successfully (e.g. "Your changes have been saved successfully!").

Information messages appear to show relevant information for the user (e.g. "Please set the date and time for the assessment")


Warning messages are shown to alert the user about a certain action that cannot be completed (e.g. "This practice cannot be deleted because it is currently being taken").

Error messages are shown when there is an error in the action and it cannot be done (e.g. "Loading failed. Please reload the page"). In some cases, there are unknown errors, and the system will display this generic message.


File or Page not found messages are shown if the file or page you are trying to access might have been removed or relocated to another place.



Application Offline messages appear if the system on SwiftAssess is temporarily offline.

 This could be for a number of reasons, some of which may be:

  • System maintenance or interruption of services.
  • Licensing issues.
  • Installation is not valid.

In all cases, please contact your system administrator for more assistance


Access is denied messages are shown if the user is trying to access a page that they are not authorized to do so. This means that they don't have permissions or that their access to that feature of the system is limited and hence not allowed. This message times out after 5 seconds and goes back to the home page.


Browsing error occurred pages appear when there is an error in trying to reach a page requested. In this page, you get the error date and time and the URL that you tried to reach. These details are logged and will be used when resolving the issue.

This error could be for a number of reasons, some of which are:

  • The page you are trying to access might be deleted or removed
  • You are trying to access a page indirectly, which causes the page to stop
  • An internal error might have occurred.

You can try to:

  • Reload the page again because the problem might be a navigation issue.
  • Continue working on other tasks until the issue is resolved.
  • Contact your system administrator for assistance.



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