How to import questions with media files?

Below are the updated columns for the Matching and Handwriting question types:

  • Fifth cell (has been modified, before it was InScenario), it contains Media which only allows .jpg and .png. This column is optional, you can import the question without the media in it, unless otherwise, media is required in the question.
  • Sixth Cell is the settings determined by the type of questions.
    • For Matching Questions, as indicated below, the answer and the image is separated by a line separator "|". Take note that the item image/item text should always be on the left hand side, and the answer image/answer text at the right. You can have an excess choices of answers for distraction purposes.

    • For Handwriting Questions,you can choose whether the background has to be in Custom, Blank, Grid or Stripe mode. The media is being added if you choose to customize the background of the questions.Take note that all modes should start in capital letter.
      • In case the background was not custom, the cells following the 6th cell are to be left empty.

Note: When importing questions in a plain "Txt format" not in "Zip Format", make sure to remove the "Media" column as it won't be applicable. Additionally, questions such as Matching or Handwriting cannot contain references to images as it's only applicable in case of Zip Bundle

Important: In importing questions with images,make sure that it is always in .zip file format. The images which will be included in the question should match the media file name.

For more information in importing plain question format you may refer to the below link:

Attached below is a sample file for "Plain" and "Bundled" question format.

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