Release notes through 2015-09-15

Assessment Cache Unit (ACU) [New] 

This solutions aims to provide a local-secure copy of the assessment and facilitate running assessments with ease and schedule submission/syncing of results whenever a connection is possible, and it will be deployed in any school or college campuses to enable uninterrupted widescale & high-concurrency exam sessions.

Highlighted Features

  • Access control with specific permissions to download/upload ACU data.
  • Secure download of different exams (including their media and related items). All exam data is encrypted and securely stored on the ACU.
  • You can enable High Secure Mode on an ACU Exam, meaning that students can be locked in their exam sessions while taking their exams (whether on Desktop browsers or Mobile Apps). For more information about this feature, visit the following link.
  • Downloaded Exams can be updated/modified if changes occurred on the exam configuration in the cloud.
  • Schedule result syncing per exam for an ease-of-mind.


Please see the attached file for more details.

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